Friday, January 11, 2008

Deer stand in the city?

I couldn't believe my eyes. There, on West Broadway Avenue in Robbinsdale, stood what looked like a deer stand.

In fact, some folks even call it that. But, this label was not used by the woman perched in the wooden structure, Kathy Freed of St. Vincent de Paul in Brooklyn Park. Truth is, she's not a hunter at all. She's a pro-life sidewalk counselor who stands in the structure so that people who visit the abortion clinic next door can see her over the high fence installed in an attempt to shield clinic visitors from people like Freed.

"They [clinic employees] call it a deer stand," she said. "I call it my little treehouse."

So goes the cat-and-mouse game played between the clinic and abortion protesters like Freed. I was able to witness firsthand Freed's commitment to saving the lives of unborn children when I stopped by earlier this week to photograph her and talk about the volunteer work she does as a sidewalk counselor.

I have a feeling I'll think about her next November when it comes time to climb into a tree stand for the firearms deer season. For all those who will be out there doing the same thing as me that day, I have this suggestion:

Pray for people like Freed as they continue to peacefully try and save unborn children and put an end to abortion. And, pray that we can end abortion in this country and around the world.

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